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Yatai Pharmaceutical Group,one of China’s Top 100 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Enterprises, is an emerging pillar industry of Yatai Group. Its subsidiaries including 3 new medicine and medical instrument R&D institutes, 6 pharmaceutical and health care products production enterprises, 5 pharmaceutical circulation enterprises, 1 resource development enterprise, 1 pharmaceutical industrial park management enterprise and 1 investment platform of the park. It has a complete industrial chain integrating resources, R&D, production, marketing, health management. Its total assets have been up to 6.1 billion Yuan.
Yatai Pharmaceutical Group has 7 hi-tech company,6 provincial and municipal engineering,technology and innovation centers, more than 100 patents and 5 type of new national category-1 chemical drug——Monomer anticancer drug Shenyi Capsule, Vicagrel Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors, Antipyretic Forsythin Antiviral, H5N1 Human Bird Flu Vaccine and MDCK seasonal influenza vaccine. Besides, FS16 in research has got FDA’s approval of Phase II clinical trial for cancer-related fatigue treatment. Besides,FS16 project for treating cancer-related fatigue past the American FDA approval documents Ⅱ phase of clinical trial. Shenyi Capsule won the “second prize of National Technological Invention”, which was included in the national medical insurance catalogue. Yatai Northeast Asia Pharmaceutical won the “second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award”.
Yatai Pharmaceutical Group has three major marketing networks including the clinical academic promotion, medium and large retail chains and clinic terminal. It has covered 30 provinces and cities in China. Jilin Great Medicine and Yong’an Tang has nearly 1,000 chain stores, of which Jilin Great Medicine is the largest chain and pharmaceutical retailer in Jilin Province and the national medicine reserve unit. Ranked the top 12 national pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises. “Yong’an Tang” was created in Ming Dynasty, Yongle Year. It is a traditional brand with over 600 years of history in Beijing. This brand is as famous as Tongren both domestically and internationally.
Yatai International Pharmaceutical & Health Industrial Park covers area of 680,000 square metres, total construction area of 1 million square meters. It is the largest Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in the Northeast of China. It has formed an international, scientific and intelligent large health industrial cluster that covers R&D incubation, inspection and testing, production and manufacturing, storage and logistics, product display, health experience and comprehensive supporting service functions.


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