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Yatai Real Estate Group focuses on ecological health preservation, big health and multi-development. On the basis of developing high quality ecological health residence,Yatai Group will give full play to advantages of the group's industrial chain  and develop multi-format product system. It has 15 subsidiaries integrating housing design, land consolidation, property development, construction, decoration, environment engineering, logistic service and heat supply. It has become a famous real estate developer whose projects have entered into 10 cities of 5 provinces in China. Currently it has 3 land consolidation projects, 18 housing projects and 4 commercial property projects. The total land reserve is 3.24 million m2 and total assets are 19.6 billion Yuan. Yatai Lianhua Mountain developed by Yatai Real Estate Group will be featured as Northeast Asia Health-Keeping Base, and build a well-known brand of ecological health.
Yatai Real Estate Group has a property developing company with national first-class qualification. Yatai Construction Company has a first class qualification in construction, third-class qualification in municipal engineering and construction, third-class qualification in mechanical and electrical Engineering, third-class qualification in building foundation construction and second-class qualification in special steel structure construction. Its annual construction capability of 2 million m2. Yatai Real Estate Remodeling Group with national first-class qualification in remodeling and wall construction, also have Second-class qualification in engineering design, construction and maintenance of safety technology prevention industry. Yatai Property Management Company, the standing director unit of China property management association, service capability of 4.19 million m2. Yatai Heating Company with heating service capability of 16.21 million m2.


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