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Yatai Trade and Commerce Group has formed an industrial chain integrating entertainment, shopping, travelling, meeting & reception and fitness. Trade and commercial sector has 6 hotels, 3 shopping malls, 1 travel agent, 1 wine subsidiary and 2 wineries in Napa, U.S. Its layout covers 9 cities in China and overseas. The total assets are up to 5.2 billion Yuan. By actively participating Hainan Free-Trade Zone’s construction, Trade and Commercial Sector has set up multiple ecological tourism projects in Haikou, Sanya and Wuzhi Mountain. It will also use location strength in both north and south to provide tourism +holiday hotel + health preservation club services.
Yatai Trade and Commerce Group takes full advantage of resource advantages to display the role of asset efficiency. The high-quality devices and beautiful environment help Yatai Trade and Commerce Group earn a wide range of compliments. Its subsidiaries also have won many awards such as National No Fake Model Shopping Malls among Ten Thousand Stores in Hundred Cities”, “Jinding Department Stores”, “Hotels with Excellent Quality in China”, “ Consumers’ Most Satisfied Hotel”, National “five leaves”, “five diamonds” green hotel,“Silver and commendation awards of world Decanter wine competition”“Gold and Silver and bronze Medal of Shanghai WINE 100 Competition”, etc., which have greatly enhanced the brand image and social reputation of Yatai Group.
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