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Yatai Construction Materials Group is the largest cement production base in northeast China, and has formed an industrial chain integrating deep processing of building materials products, ready-mixed concrete manufacturing, limestone and sand aggregate mining, clinker production, cement production and sales of various products, with the asset scale reaching 17.4 billion yuan. It is one of the first batch of Environment-friendly Enterprises and Pilot Circular Economy Enterprises in China, and National High-Tech Enterprises in the cement industry in northeast China. According to the national supply-side reform policy, Liaoning Yunding Cement Group and Jilin Cement Group were established successively to actively promote the healthy development of the industry. With the cooperation advantages of CRH Old Castle International Building Materials Group, one of the world top 500 enterprises, which has transformed to the deep processing industrial chain of building materials products, and formed an industrial cluster with advanced technology, complete varieties and core competitiveness.
Currently YBM has 25 production enterprises, 1 professional e-commerce company, 1 R&D institutions in 18 cities of 3 provinces. It also has 4 building industrial products industrial parks respectively in Changchun, Shenyang, Harbin and Dalian,which are credited as National Assembly Construction Base with central government special fund support. YBM precast capacity is 400,000 m3,Prefabricated bridge capacity is 100,000 m3,tunnel segments capacity of 30,000 rings, railway sleeper capacity of 500,000 pieces, RMCs capacity of 3.85 million m3, 2 million m3 capacity of aggregates, limestone quarries reserves of 3 billion tons, and aggregate reserve of 220 million m3, cement and clinker capacity of 49.48 million tons.


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