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We always stick to the principle of “hiring and recruiting the best people regardless of where they come from” when recruiting new employees, which has played a significant role in improving the enterprise’s comprehensive competitiveness and developing the enterprise itself.

In order to possess talented people, we have to form a good enterprise atmosphere of respecting the talented. YATAI Group has established a working, studying and living environment with dragonfly culture characteristics, where we fully respect every employee’s independent character, personal dignity and human rights. The employees can always enjoy understanding, concern and help from the big family. Every employee will form a kind of identification, a sense of security and belongings to the enterprise. Meanwhile, the enterprise has persisted in the “win-win result” strategic concept, creating a good environment and building a broader stage for all the employees so that they will become stronger in future together with the company.   

Establish a good environment for realizing individual values, provide a stage for realizing their values and seek harmony between individual progress and enterprise development.

Standard human resource management system
Multiple personal career development channels

Personal development opportunity during its nationwide development

You are welcome to register your CV in our website. At the moment of your successful registration, you will become one of our reserved talents, and we will contact you as long as a job suitable for you is available. 

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