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 "Yatai All Around", formerly known as Yatai Group Magazine, was founded in June 1996. In February 1998 it was changed into a periodical (internal publication registration number: JN00-081). It is published monthly, every edition has 48 pages and includes the following columns: Foreword, Cover Story, Brand Story, Yatai People, Featured Article, Yatai Lecture Hall, Sinology Forum, Career Development, Industry Highlights, Yatai at a Glance, This Month's Recommended and Focus on Yatai. Until today, 250 editions have been published and the magazine has kept Yatai employees company for the last 20 years.

As a corporate magazine, its goal is to promote and spread Yatai corporate culture and the "unity, sincerity, efficiency, expansion" corporate spirit, show the Group's development history, present achievements and future prospects, introduce outstanding employees, publish company news and connect on a more personal level with the employees.  

In this new era, "Yatai All Around" shoulders a new mission of developing a sense of unity and belonging among Yatai Group employees. 

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