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Wang Huamin, Vice President and Chief Economist of Yatai Group, met with He Tingting, Senior Regional Official of British Embassy in China

Release Time:2018-04-11

On the morning of April 10, Vice President and Chief Economist of Yatai Group Wang Huamin met the senior officials of the regional cooperation of the British Embassy in China, He Tingting, and the representative of the Welsh Government in China, Jiang Tao, Chen Wenjuan, representative of the Northeast China of the Sino-British Trade Association, and Ji Ruikun, a regional cooperation official of the British Embassy in China in the executive meeting room on the fourth floor of the Yatai Mansion.  President assistant and general manager of medical investment company Feng Weijie, deputy general manager r of medical investment company Yu Mingshi, general manager of Yatai Big Health Trading Center Xuan Jingshan, deputy general manager Du Zhansheng and Jin Wenbin attended the meeting.


President Wang introduced the key projects, industrial layout and development plan of Yatai Group. Ms. He Tingting and other officials introduced the political and business environment in the UK. The two sides also exchanged views on topics such as strengthening contacts and developing cooperation in various fields

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