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Healthy life, vitality Yatai - Group labor union celebrates international labor women's day in 2018

Release Time:2018-03-08

    March 8, 2018, on the occasion of the 108th anniversary international labor women's day, Yatai Group's "healthy life and vitality Yatai" outward bound training was held in Changchun's Rong Fa eco industrial park.,More than 120 female employee representatives from corporate headquarters departments, industrial investment companies, and Changchun-based enterprises participated in the event. Li Bin, deputy secretary of the party committee, chairman of the labor union and vice president of the group company, made a speech. Through a series of team cooperation projects, the outward bound training fully display the spirit of the female employees of Yatai and highlight the "positive, happy and harmonious" corporate culture atmosphere of the group company.

  2018 is the year in which the group company opens a new journey and achieves new goals in the new age, continues to maintain a good momentum of development, strives to improve the level of profitability, and fully realizes the goal of the fifth “Five-Year Plan”, and the new goal provides a good opportunity and a broad stage for each Yatai individual to display their intelligence and wisdom. It is believed that more than 7,000 women employees of Yatai Group will use wisdom and strength to prop up a broader field. In the process of consolidating the 100-year foundation of Yatai Group and continuously creating a beautiful future for Yatai Group, and to fully demonstrates the elegant demeanour of the women in a new age.


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