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The Grand Signing Ceremony of Medical and Health Services Industry Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between The First Hospital of Jilin University and Yatai Group

Release Time:2017-02-21

On February 20, 2017, the Signing Ceremony of Medical and Health Services Industry Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between The First Hospital of Jilin University and Yatai Group was held grandly at Yatai Tower.

Hua Shucheng, President of The First Hospital of Jilin University, and Song Shanglong, Chairman of the Board and President of Yatai Group, signed the Medical and Health Services Industry Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on behalf of the two parties respectively. According to this cooperation agreement, the two parties will become mutually strategic cooperation partners to develop the comprehensive and multi-dimensional cooperation in many subdivided aspects, such as technical R&D, transformation of scientific research achievement, medical health service mechanism innovation, internet health care service, medical big data project, incentive mechanism innovation and talents team construction.

This cooperation is a significant initiative for further implementing the spirit of “The 18th National Congress of CPC”, speeding up the implementation of the national spirit in deepening the reform of medical and health system and the strategic deployment of “Health Jilin” by the CPC Jilin Provincial Party Committee and the People's Government of Jilin Province, comprehensively promoting the level of medical treatment and medical health services of Jilin Province; and it also is an initiative exploration in making use of their respective advantages to promote the “Three Medical Services” Interactive Mechanism among the systems of medical treatment, medical insurance and medicine, promote the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and Internet+ health care, innovate the whole  process of medical service mode and medical staff incentive mechanism, improve common people’s experience of seeking medical advice and enhance the health level of the whole people. It aims at benefiting the people's livelihood on a wider scope and making new greater contributions for rejuvenating Jilin Province.

As the first qualified Third-grade Class-A Hospital in Jilin Province, The First Hospital of Jilin University has one national level key discipline and 17 national clinical key specialized discipline construction projects. This hospital has 4 experts of the “Thousand Talents Program” accredited by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, 1 Cheung Kong Scholars Distinguished Professor, 1 Cheung Kong Scholars Chair Professor and 4 Changbai Mountain Scholars Distinguished Professors. In 2016, this hospital had diagnosed and treated 4.01 Million patients (person-time) through the outpatient services and emergency treatment services, and 240,000 patients had accepted hospitalized treatment and discharged from this hospital in 2016. At present, The First Hospital of Jilin University is keeping in step with the national strategy of deepening the medical and health system reform and seizing the historical opportunity of “Health China” strategy, actively exploring the new medical health service mode, and it is striving to build an international top large hospital group that integrates services of research type, creation type, operations type and service type.

As a large comprehensive enterprise group with the mixed ownership, Yatai Group was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1995. With the main business covers building materials, real estate, finance, pharmaceuticals, and the penetration fields of coal, commerce & trade, sports culture and internet media, Yatai Group has ranked on the list of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises for many consecutive years, and it ranked No. 329 on that list in 2016. Facing with the new normal economy and various international and domestic challenges, Yatai Group is tightly focusing on the national “13th Five-Year” planning layout and endeavoring to seize the opportunity of “The Belt and Road” and the policy opportunity of “Northeast China Area Revitalization Plan” and relying on the big health industry development platform, so as to accelerate the promotion of constructing major projects such as the pharmaceutical industrial park as well as the internal industry M&A and reorganization, actively build the big health industry chain centered on “resources development, new drugs R&D, pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical circulation, advanced medical equipment R&D and manufacturing, and health service”, continuously promote its core competitiveness, develop the health industry to become a new pillar industry, and create a new era for Yatai Group.

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